JOYO D-SEED II Stereo Delay Effects Pedal

JOYO D-SEED II Stereo Delay Effects Pedal

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The first generation of D-SEED was well received, then JOYO gathered numerous feedbacks from customers and launched D-SEED II stereo delay, which bringing brand new algorithms, and provides 8 different delays. Various effects are listed as below:

  • Space
  • LO-FI
  • Filter
  • Tape
  • Copy
  • Analog
  • Modulation
  • Reverse

Moreover, there's a neat feature, D-SEED II has a toggle that allows you to add stereo Ping Pong effect to the delay, which means you can hear vivid spinning sound around. D-SEED II also features a Looper function that gives you 3.5 minutes of recording time in total. A great Digital Delay for the price with the added benefit of a Looper.


  • Stereo input and Stereo output.
  • 8 delay modes that support a maximum of 2000ms delay time.
  • Features Looper function with 3.5 minutes of recording time, Tape simulation effect can be added for playback.
  • Ability to set TAP TEMPO with one foot.
  • Ping Pong mode available for each delay effect, offering optimum stereo effects
  • Features Favorite function, allowing you to save one of your favorite tones.